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How It Works: Live Embed Code & Publishing Your Designs
How It Works: Live Embed Code & Publishing Your Designs
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Written by Lynn Matthysse
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Great news for all Grid & Pixel subscribers who use 1:1 personalized graphics in their email automations: We’ve just updated the embed code to make it more user-friendly!

Before, if you made any changes to the design — such as editing text, colors, or product images — you would have to re-embed the code every single time for those changes to show up in your email.

Now, it's simpler and quicker with our new Live Embed feature. You can modify your graphic design and those changes will automatically update in the email where the graphic appears. No more having to re-embed the code after each change!

Here’s how it works:

1. First, open a design from your My Designs page and start editing.

If you see that the “Published” button is gray, it means you’re looking at the most recently published version and you haven’t made any updates to the template.

Once you see a “Publish” button, that means there are updates that you can make live.

2. Make your updates.

Update text, product images, colors, fonts, whatever you need. Because you control when you finally hit “Publish” and make your edits live, you can make tweaks in this “draft mode” until you’re ready to ship your new and improved graphic in real time.

One important note is that currently, you still must re-export new Live Embed code if you are updating discount codes, changing if your product AI is toggled on or off, or changing links in the graphic. Being able to instantly update these with the Publish button is on our roadmap!

3. Click “Publish” to update your Live Embed code.

Click the “Publish” button in the top-right corner of your template and voila! Your updates will be reflected in real time.

You will see a 'Add This Design to Your Email' button if you want to add this code to a new email in your customer engagement platform.

If you have made an edit that requires you to re-export your Live Embed Code, you will be promoted to do so from a modal that looks like this:

Remember: Hitting “Publish” does not affect emails that have already been sent out, but will reflect emails that are sent after you hit the “Publish” button.

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