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How to Edit Text in Grid & Pixel
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1. Click on the Text tab to expand it.

You’ll see a list of editable fields that correspond to the graphic you’ve chosen to customize. These can include Greeting, Headline, Button Text, and Discount Text.

2. Select the text field you’d like to edit.

Simply remove the text that you’d like to edit, and type the text you want on the graphic instead. You’ll see the text update in real time on the graphic to the right. If there is a text field you want to remove entirely, just delete the text and it won't appear in the graphic.

You’ll note that the Greeting field has a purple AI toggle. Keep the toggle “on” to personalize the graphic to each customer’s first name. Turn the toggle “off” to remove the text entirely, or to type a greeting of your choice that every user will see. We recommend keeping the toggle “on” for best results.

3. Update the text color.

If you’d like to change the color of any text, simply click the purple underlined A icon next to any text field. You’ll see a modal pop up that allows you to input a specific hexcode directly, or you can select a color from the color picker.

4. Preview and test

You can preview graphics by customer data. Above your graphic, you’ll see a toolbar with arrows on either side and the names of some of your customers. Simply click the arrows to cycle through a few sample customers to preview how the graphic text will look for each person.

If you don’t change the default text for a text field, it will be included in the graphic that you generate. Double-check that any promo code, discount code, or percent off fields match the promo code that you’d like to use. If you want to remove a Discount Code from your graphic, select 'Hide Discount' in the discount dropdown.

5. Use AI to generate subject lines and email copy

You’ll see two AI-powered fields, Email Subject Line and Email Body. If you click the purple magic wand icon to the side of each text field, you can see new subject lines and email body copy that are generated by AI.

These will not export with your graphic, but you can copy and paste them into your email.

Want to explore more graphics? Head to Grid and Pixel to browse designs.

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