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How to Add Grid & Pixel Graphics to Your Shopify Emails
How to Add Grid & Pixel Graphics to Your Shopify Emails
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There’s a lot to love about Grid and Pixel’s personalized email graphics, but we think the easy implementation is something you’ll really adore.

It only takes seconds to add your customized graphic to your customer engagement platform. Plus, if you use Shopify Email, those email graphics are powered by an AI product recommendation engine that will analyze where the graphic is added and choose the most relevant products and destination links for each recipient based on prior behavior, purchase history, demographics, and more.

Note: You’ll need to download the Shopify Email app and Flow app to start using Grid & Pixel graphics in your Shopify automations and campaigns.

Here’s all you need to do:

1. Generate the code snippet

When you’ve customized your graphic and are ready to add it to your email, click the purple Add to Email button at the top-left of the graphic editor.

2. Pick where you’ll be adding the graphic.

Choose Shopify if you’re using its drag-and-drop editor.

3. Select automation type

If you are placing the graphic into an Abandonment automation (Abandoned Product Browse, Abandoned Cart or Abandoned Checkout), tap 'Yes' to then select the Abandonment Type.

If you are not placing the graphic into an abandonment automation, tap 'No' (this includes emails like Campaigns, Welcome Series, Post Purchase automations and Winback Series)

4. Copy the code snippet

Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the snippet.

5. Paste the code snippet

Open the email in the Campaign or Automation that you want to update.

Important: to add Grid & Pixel graphics to Shopify Email templates, you must select a a drag & drop email template. Do not select 'Code your own' from your Templates page.

Add a Custom Liquid section block. Paste the code snippet. Voila: You’ll see the graphic in Shopify!

6. Preview and test

Because Shopify isn’t using real-time data in its email previews, you will see default language and imagery until the email actually sends. You could send yourself a real email to confirm it’s working as you’d like, but this is expected behavior during the preview and test phase.

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