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Opening the Grid & Pixel app
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Once you have installed the Grid & Pixel app, there are two main ways to open the app and start customizing your graphics:

1. Access the app via Shopify

Go to your Shopify dashboard and select "Apps" from the navigation menu. You'll see a list of all the Shopify apps you've installed, and you can simply click on Grid & Pixel to launch the app.

Shopify is also the best place to view the time left on your free trial and make adjustments to your Grid & Pixel subscription.

2. Access the app via Grid & Pixel's website

Simply visit our website to get started!

3. Access the app via Collections Pages

To make it easy for you to find the perfect graphic for your campaign or flow, we've created curated Collection Pages of customizable designs that match specific use cases. You can visit Grid and Pixel or any of these Collection Pages directly to start using the app:

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