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How to Change Products in Grid & Pixel
How to Change Products in Grid & Pixel
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Though dynamic product personalization is one of the most impactful Grid and Pixel features, there are times when you may want to select a specific product image for your graphic. This is especially true for campaigns promoting new products or sales on specific products.

Here's how to change the products in your Grid & Pixel graphics:

1. Open the Products tab

Toggle the purple AI switch to “off” to edit the products that will appear in your graphic. This will turn off product personalization and will allow you to select the product(s) that subscribers see in your graphic.

2. Click the Change button

You have two options when updating your products:

  1. You can select My Products to access your Shopify product catalog. You can select the product you’d like to feature and, if that product has multiple product images, which image you’d like to feature.

  2. You can also select Upload image to upload a file directly or via a URL.

3. Make final edits to your product image

Within the Grid & Pixel app, there are a few things you can do to fine-tune your product image:

  1. Remove background (only available for images from My Products): If you’d like to remove the background on your product image, just click the purple Remove Background toggle to turn “on” background removal. This will give your image a transparent background, which may look more appealing on some graphics.

  2. Rotate: If you’d like to rotate the image, use the slider to rotate your product image.

  3. Zoom: If you’d like to zoom in for a close-up look at the product, use the slider to zoom in on your product image.

4. Click Done to see the new product in your graphic.

5. Confirm the image link for your graphic.

The image link is where subscribers will go when they click the graphic in your email or SMS. You can send them to a preset page like your Homepage, a Product Page, or the Checkout Page. You can also send them to a Custom URL, such as a special landing page for a promotional sale.

Click the Change button to adjust the destination link. If you choose a Custom URL, just add the URL to the text field.

6. Preview and test

Preview and test your graphic to make sure it looks exactly as you envisioned, and that the destination links are working exactly like you intend. Voila, that's it!

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