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How to Add Personalization to Your SMS Marketing Strategy in 1 Minute
How to Add Personalization to Your SMS Marketing Strategy in 1 Minute
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Email is still king when it comes to personalized marketing, but SMS marketing is vying for the crown.

It’s easy to see why Shopify store owners are investing rapidly in text message marketing. For starters, the open rates on text messages are 98%. No one wants to see that little red unread icon hovering on their Messages app, so customers are undoubtedly going to open every single text message that you send.

And with clickthrough rates as high as 36%, SMS marketing is a must for any ecommerce business that wants to stay competitive and deliver an incredible customer experience. Customer engagement platforms like Klaviyo make it extremely easy to incorporate SMS marketing into your campaigns and flows, but don’t let the “text message” moniker fool you.

SMS technology supports more than just words, so there is an incredible opportunity to leverage personalized graphics in SMS automation to really grab your customers’ attention.

With the Grid and Pixel app, you can customize a graphic for a personalized text message in seconds. Imagine this scenario: A customer adds a few products to their cart but then abandons it. Thankfully, you’ve set up an abandoned cart flow with Grid & Pixel graphics, which dynamically show customers different product images based on what’s currently sitting in their cart.

After the first email, you’ve added a follow-up SMS to the flow. Now, there is a 98% chance that aforementioned customer opens the text message. And, when they’re met with a beautiful image reminding them of the product they loved enough to almost buy it, they are much more likely to click and come back vs. seeing a plain text message of just words.

We make it incredibly easy to upgrade your SMS marketing within Klaviyo. It’s this easy:

  1. Pick a design from our graphic library to customize

  2. Use our app to update colors, text, and imagery

  3. Export the graphic by copying a short code snippet

  4. Paste that dynamic image URL into the SMS template

  5. Preview and test to ensure everything looks perfect

If you haven’t started your 7-day free trial yet, click here! You can send unlimited graphics to unlimited people during your free trial.

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