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The Shopify Store Owner’s Dilemma: How Much Email Is Too Much Email?
The Shopify Store Owner’s Dilemma: How Much Email Is Too Much Email?
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One of the questions I get from Shopify store owners that I work with frequently is about email volume. On the one hand, email (and SMS marketing) is the number one ecommerce marketing channel. On the other hand, store owners worry about oversaturating their subscribers, thereby killing email as an effective channel.

Kylie Cosmetics, the world’s top Shopify store in terms of revenue, sends two to three promotional emails per week, so you can’t go wrong if you do the same.

My answer is a bit more nuanced and depends on what type of email you’re sending.

Triggered Emails

If you’re sending triggered emails (what Klaviyo calls flows), then you shouldn’t hold back. A ‘trigger’ refers to an event on your Shopify store by one of your subscribers that enables you to send a contextual follow up email (e.g. ‘welcome to our newsletter’ or ‘you left this in your cart’). Triggered emails achieve the highest levels of engagement and are among the best tools at your disposal for nudging potential customers down your marketing funnel.

Promotional and Informational Emails

If you’re sending promotional or informational emails (what Klaviyo calls campaigns), then it depends on the strength of your email game. For example, I’ve seen store owners who blast out generic promotions five days a week. They achieve <1% click rates, compared to an industry average of 3%. They're driving a lot of business and unsub rates aren't higher than usual, so the quantity of email isn't an issue. But they could be seeing much higher click rates (and therefore bringing in far more revenue) by personalizing the content inside their promotions.

Customer Success Story

For one Shopify store owner, we were able to double click rates by combining better design with Grid and Pixel’s AI product recommendation. Instead of blasting out a single, generic email to all subscribers, Grid & Pixel enabled the store to send a personalized, dynamic email to each recipient, thereby creating better engagement and higher order volume. You can read the case study here.

The better the content in your email, the more email you can send. Studies show time and again that customers want to get promotional emails from companies they're interested in.

If you haven’t already, click here to start your 7-day free trial of Grid & Pixel. You’ll be able to upgrade your email content with beautiful, personalized graphics in 60 seconds or less.

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