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How to Find & Customize the Perfect Email Graphic
How to Find & Customize the Perfect Email Graphic
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Supercharging your email and SMS marketing with Grid & Pixel graphics starts with finding the perfect email graphic to customize. Once you find a design you love, it only takes seconds to make it your own and export it to your customer management platform.

Read below for quick tips on:

  1. What to Look For When Searching for the Perfect Graphic

  2. How to Customize Your Graphic to Fit Your Brand & Purpose

  3. Leveraging AI to Enhance Your Graphic

The Grid and Pixel app is intuitive and easy-to-use, so the hardest part might be choosing between a few different designs that you love.

What to Look For When Searching for the Perfect Graphic

We have a library of dozens and dozens (and dozens) of graphics that are easily customizable to fit your brand, use case, and customer management platform. First and foremost, we’ve categorized our templates on collections pages to help you more easily find graphics that match your use case.

We have Collections pages for promotional campaigns, abandoned cart, abandoned browse, post-purchase, winback, and welcome series. And if you use Klaviyo or Shopify Email, you can add any customized Grid & Pixel graphic to any campaign or flow and our AI engine will automatically know the most optimized place to take customers when they click.

So, feel free to jump around Collections and search as many of our graphics as you like! But as you’re looking, here are a few tips for how to narrow your search:

  1. Product image vs. no product image: Take note of how many product images are in each graphic, and notice that some have no product images at all. It’s all about your preference. Our AI engine will determine the best images to show in triggered flows, so each customer sees products that are most relevant to their browsing and purchase history.

  2. Animation vs. static: Most of our graphics have eye-catching animation, but we also have plenty of static choices without any movement.

  3. Timely designs: When it comes to major promotional opportunities like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Cyber Monday, and the like, we’ve got you covered. Plus, you can easily edit many graphic backgrounds to align with your timely campaign (fireworks for the 4th, anyone?).

  4. Discounts, discounts, discounts: Some graphic designs are more discount-forward than others, so keep that in mind as you’re browsing.

How to Customize Your Graphic to Fit Your Brand & Purpose

You’ve found the perfect design, and now you’re ready to make it your own! With our easy-to-use graphic editor, you can quickly customize any design in a matter of seconds. All of your edits are reflected in real time, so you can see your masterpiece come to life and make adjustments as needed.

1. Adjust the colors to match your brand or desired aesthetic

Click on the “Colors'' module to see which colors can be customized. Elements like button color, background tint, and shape colors are often customizable. You can input your own hexcodes, or select a custom shade from the color wheel.

Want to change the text color? No problem! Click the “Text” module and you’ll see an underlined “A” icon next to each line of text. Click that icon and you can change the color of any line of text.

2. Edit the text to match your message

Click on the “Text” module to change any text on the design. Headline, discount code, discount amount, button text — leave it as is, or erase the default text and add your own in seconds. You’ll see it update in real time, so you can make tweaks until it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Update the background image to fit your theme

Many graphics have an editable background, so you can easily update it to match your use case or brand aesthetic. Maybe you have a promotion themed around a holiday, or just want that abandoned browse email to feel more cohesive with your other marketing materials.

You can update your background image in three easy ways after clicking the “Images” module and tapping the “Change” button:

  • Upload an image of your own

  • Pick an image from Unsplash

  • Input a prompt into our AI engine and browse AI-generated options

Leverage AI to Instantly Enhance Your Email

There are several AI levers that you can pull to really enhance your email. And, there are a few levers we’ve already pulled to optimize your email’s performance!

To start, you’ll notice that the greeting and product images are set to be personalized by default. You’ll see a little purple toggle turned to “on.” This means that depending on the graphic, content will be personalized on the user level so that each customer sees their first name or the products that are most relevant to them.

You can also toggle these “off” to hard-code content and remove the personalization. We only recommend turning “off” product personalization for campaigns that might be promoting specific products, like a new release campaign or sale on a specific product category.

Here are the additional AI levers that you can pull:

  1. Product background removal and scene generation: Simply put, you can easily remove or change the background image for any product. Click the “Products” module and toggle “off” the purple AI switch. Then, tap “Change” and choose the product image that you want to update from the “My Products” catalog.

    You can keep it simple and just remove the background. Or, you can click “Generate Scene” and use AI to generate a new background for your product. Just input a prompt for our AI engine, and it’ll return several options for you to choose from.

  2. Background image AI: As we mentioned above, if your design has a background image that’s customizable, you can opt for an AI-generated background image instead. Just click the “Images” module and tap “Change” to update the background image. From the dropdown, select “Generate with AI” and enter your prompt.

  3. Subject line and email copy AI wizard: Let our AI wizard make recommendations for an optimized subject line and email body copy so you can save more time on email automation. Simply click the “Text” module and tap the wand next to “Email Subject Line” or “Email Body” to generate recommendations based on the design you chose.

We hope you love how easy it is to customize Grid & Pixel’s graphics! If you haven’t begun your free trial yet, click here to get started.

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