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How to Upgrade Your Abandoned Cart Flow in 60 Seconds
How to Upgrade Your Abandoned Cart Flow in 60 Seconds
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Did you know that 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned?

Having a well-designed and well-executed abandoned cart flow is crucial to winning back high-intent shoppers and saving revenue. Don’t leave money on the table — you can quickly move the needle by using Grid & Pixel’s personalized, dynamic graphics to convert those customers.

Here’s how it works: Our graphics leverage AI and each customer’s browsing history to show every person the products most relevant to them when they open those abandoned cart emails. Generic “you left something behind” emails simply don’t compare to vibrant, eye-catching graphics that feature the actual items from someone’s cart to compel them to come back.

And, with Grid and Pixel, you can instantly improve your abandoned cart flow in less than a minute. It’s this easy:

  1. Pick a design from our graphic library to customize

  2. Use our app to update colors, text, and imagery

  3. Export the graphic by copying a short code snippet

  4. Paste that code snippet into your flow

  5. Preview and test to ensure everything looks perfect

Once you upgrade your abandoned cart flows, you can easily move on to other flows and campaigns. Your Grid & Pixel subscription gives you access to hundreds of customizable graphics so you can enhance all your marketing emails and SMS in seconds.

If you haven’t started your 7-day free trial yet, click here! You can send unlimited graphics to unlimited people during your free trial.

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