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How to Upgrade Your Post-Purchase Flows in 60 Seconds
How to Upgrade Your Post-Purchase Flows in 60 Seconds
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Gaining another new customer might feel like a win, but that first purchase isn’t a signal to ease off the marketing. If anything, it’s the most pivotal point in your customer lifecycle.

Consider this: Previous purchasers are as much as 14X more likely to purchase from you than a new customer. Getting a new customer in the door opens an incredible window of opportunity, if you have a strong post-purchase marketing plan in place.

Most Shopify stores, however, aren’t providing that special post-purchase experience. Only 17% of customers think businesses care about their post-purchase experience, which frustrates customers and severely truncates their lifetime value. This is a huge problem for merchants, considering that top companies rely on repeat customers for about 75% of their revenue.

The moral of this story? Don’t sleep on your post-purchase customer experience, and upgrade your post-purchase flows with Grid & Pixel immediately. Our graphics leverage AI to analyze each customer’s purchase history and deliver them a personalized experience they’ll absolutely love.

Here are some of the most common and effective ways to deliver a great post-purchase experience:

  1. Transaction emails (order confirmations, shipping confirmations)

  2. Thank-you emails

  3. Special post-purchase promo codes and VIP discounts

  4. Product review solicitations

  5. Replenishment reminders

And, with Grid & Pixel, you can instantly improve your post-purchase flows in less than a minute. It’s this easy:

  1. Pick a design from our graphic library to customize

  2. Use our app to update colors, text, and imagery

  3. Export the graphic by copying a short code snippet

  4. Paste that code snippet into your flow

  5. Preview and test to ensure everything looks perfect

Once you upgrade your post-purchase flows, you can easily move on to other flows and campaigns. Your Grid and Pixel subscription gives you access to hundreds of customizable, personalized graphics so you can enhance all your marketing emails and SMS in seconds.

If you haven’t started your 7-day free trial yet, click here! You can send unlimited graphics to unlimited people during your free trial.

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