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Which Grid & Pixel Subscription Plan Is Best for Me?
Which Grid & Pixel Subscription Plan Is Best for Me?
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If you’re thinking about using Grid and Pixel to drastically transform your marketing game with 1:1 customer personalization, we can assure you’ll be happy with your decision. We’re excited for you to join!

Grid & Pixel offers two subscription plans, Full Service and Do It Yourself, both of which come with a 7-day free trial. Let’s dig in a little bit more and find the right pricing plan for you.


If you want to…

  • Get up and running quickly

  • Drive more revenue faster

  • Save time by leaving the setup and maintenance to us

  • Leverage our expertise to create or update 6-8 automated flows

Then the Full Service Plan is for you! It’s ideal for stores who want to generate more revenue from automated flows with personalized graphics — but who also don’t have the bandwidth, marketing expertise, or desire to set up those flows on their own.

The Full Service plan is based on the number of contacts in your Shopify account and renews monthly. Our lowest tier starts at $99/month for up to 10,000 contacts and then increases as such:

  • $99/month up to 10,000 contacts

  • $199/month up to 20,000 contacts

  • $299/month up to 50,000 contacts

  • $399/month up to 100,000 contacts

  • $499/month up to 300,000 contacts

  • $599/month up to 500,000 contacts

All our Full Service plans come with unlimited email and SMS graphics. If you have more than 500,000 contacts, you’ll talk to one of our specialists about a custom monthly subscription plan.

Every Full Service plan also comes with full implementation and ongoing monitoring, which includes:

  • Full assessment of your existing email automations, campaigns, and email capture strategy

  • Full design and setup of 6-8 automated flows in your ESP within 3 business days of subscription and invited access to your email sending platform’s account

  • Other implementation tasks including website popup updates, coupon code creation, list/segmentation updates, and more

  • Regular monitoring to ensure optimal performance and any optimizations to improve performance

  • Live support

Implementation and setup is not required to choose the Full Service plan, but is recommended for optimal performance. For stores with more than 30,000 contacts, the Full Service plan is also more cost-effective compared to the Do It Yourself plan.


If you want to…

  • Gradually incorporate personalized graphics into your emails

  • Implement personalized graphics on your own

Then the Do It Yourself plan is for you! It’s ideal for merchants who want to move at a slower pace and take the lead on implementation for themselves. The Do It Yourself plan is based on contacts reached, so you pay $10 for every 1,000 unique contacts who open an email and see a Grid & Pixel graphic.

Here’s an example: Let’s say during your first month on the Do It Yourself plan, there were 5,000 different people who opened an email with a Grid & Pixel graphic in it. That would bring your Grid & Pixel bill to $50.

Someone could have opened 2 emails from Grid & Pixel or 200 emails — they’d still just count as “1” person reached toward your monthly bill. Your subscription is solely based on how many unique individuals have opened an email or SMS with a Grid & Pixel graphic, and the amount of emails or SMS they each open monthly doesn’t change your bill.


Ready to pick the perfect subscription so you can start saving time and boosting response rates? Click here to finalize your plan and start your 7-day free trial.

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