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Common Issues with Installing the App
Common Issues with Installing the App
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Running into issues installing the Grid & Pixel app on Shopify? This are the most common issues with installing the app for team members:

1. You don't have permissions to install apps

First, make sure you have permissions to manage and install apps and approve app charges.

If you have both but still can’t install the app, you may still be missing additional permissions.

Grid & Pixel requires a user with ALL permissions to install the app. Note that this is because Grid & Pixel uses hyper-personalization to make your email and SMS marketing perform better, so we need READ-ONLY access to your Shopify store (so we can access your products, order history, discounts, etc.) We won't change any of your data and we won't install any code on your store, so you don't have to worry about load time increasing. Grid & Pixel will have no effect on your site speed.

Go to the Settings tab and then select Users and Permissions. You can click on any individual user to get a deeper look into individual permissions that might be turned off and impacting your ability to add the app.

We recommend having the store owner install the app to unlock access for all team members. You can also ask the store owner to make sure you have All Permissions possible from this dropdown list.

2. You aren't getting informational emails from Grid & Pixel

We have a bevy of helpful content to help you make the most of the Grid and Pixel app, but by default, these resources are only sent to the Shopify store owner.

If you would like to receive these resources as well, please contact us by chat or email and we'll make sure you get them!

Still having trouble with app installation? Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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