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How to Edit Graphics Colors in Grid & Pixel
How to Edit Graphics Colors in Grid & Pixel
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One of the easiest ways to transform any Grid & Pixel graphic into something that’s truly your own is changing the colors to match your brand or aesthetic. Here’s how you can quickly change the color of any graphic element or text in the Grid & Pixel app.

Editing graphic elements

1. Open the Colors tab

You’ll see a list of colors that can be edited. These often include button color, fill color, and stroke color, but vary depending on the graphic you’re customizing.

2. Click the Change button next to the color you want to edit.

3. Pick your preferred color

You can enter a hexcode or use the color picker to select a color of your choice. Your edits will be updated in real time.

Editing text color

1. Open the Text tab

2. Find the text field you’d like to change

If you’d like to change the color of any text, simply click the purple underlined A icon next to any text field.

You’ll see a modal pop up that allows you to input a specific hexcode directly, or you can select a color from the color picker.

Add your brand colors to Grid and Pixel designs today.

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