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Moving Beyond the WYSIWYG: The Future of Ecommerce Email Marketing
Moving Beyond the WYSIWYG: The Future of Ecommerce Email Marketing
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In the world of ecommerce, email marketing plays a pivotal role in engaging customers and driving sales. However, traditional WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) email editors often fall short when it comes to creating visually captivating and personalized emails that truly resonate with recipients.

That's where Grid & Pixel comes in.

By harnessing the power of generative AI, Grid & Pixel is transforming ecommerce email marketing, enabling merchants to create beautiful, personalized email and SMS graphics in minutes. Here are four limitations of WYSIWYG email editors that Grid & Pixel can help you overcome, leading to better performance and results.

Limitation #1: Lack of Design Flexibility

WYSIWYG email editors often limit marketers' creative freedom and design flexibility. While they offer basic drag-and-drop functionality, they fail to provide the tools necessary for creating visually stunning and unique email graphics. This can result in generic-looking emails that fail to grab recipients' attention.

Grid & Pixel's generative AI software, on the other hand, allows ecommerce marketers to break free from these limitations. With Grid & Pixel, users can effortlessly create beautiful, personalized email and SMS graphics in a matter of minutes, empowering them to stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on recipients. Our graphics are completely compatible with WYSIWYG editors, so you can take advantage of the basic drag-and-drop functionality but jump over the design limitations with ease.

Limitation #2: Time-Consuming Editing Process

The editing process in WYSIWYG email editors can be time-consuming and tedious. Making changes to email templates often requires navigating through multiple menus and adjusting individual elements manually. If you’ve ever tried to Frankenstein blocks together to create the appearance of a nice-looking graphic with dynamic text and buttons, you know what we mean.

This not only eats up valuable time but also limits marketers' ability to iterate and optimize their email campaigns effectively. Grid & Pixel streamlines this process by automating the creation of personalized email and SMS graphics.

With its generative AI technology, Grid & Pixel significantly reduces the time and effort required to create visually appealing emails, enabling marketers to focus on other critical aspects of their campaigns.

Limitation #3: Inability to Achieve True Personalization

Personalization is a key driver of successful ecommerce email marketing. However, WYSIWYG email editors typically offer limited personalization capabilities.

Marketers are often restricted to basic personalization fields like recipient names or purchase history. This falls short of creating truly personalized and engaging email experiences.

Grid & Pixel fills this gap by leveraging generative AI to create highly personalized email and SMS graphics within the WYSIWYG structure. By analyzing customer data and preferences, Grid & Pixel can dynamically generate visuals that resonate with each recipient, resulting in more engaging and relevant email campaigns.

Limitation #4: Getting Products into Hero Images

The more compelling the hero graphic, the higher the clickthrough rate. WYSIWYG email editors provided by typical customer engagement platforms do not make it easy to get product images for flows like abandoned carts into the hero image. It’s nearly impossible to do without a lot of the aforementioned Frankensteining of drag-and-drop blocks, which is time-consuming and likely won’t lead to a very eye-catching visual.

As a result, most ecommerce merchants put a static, generic image in the hero image and push the product image below the fold, thereby decreasing clickthrough rates. Grid & Pixel makes it easy to get beautifully designed graphics that incorporate dynamic product images into the hero position.

As ecommerce email marketing continues to evolve, it's essential for marketers to move beyond the limitations of WYSIWYG email editors. You don’t have to learn how to code and move to entirely HTML — in fact, Grid & Pixel allows you to go completely no code within a WYSIWYG editor to move past its limitations. Grid & Pixel's generative AI software offers a transformative solution, allowing merchants to create personalized, visually captivating email and SMS graphics effortlessly.

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