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How to Use AI to Supercharge Your Marketing Emails
How to Use AI to Supercharge Your Marketing Emails
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Yes, it’s the buzzword that everyone is talking about: artificial intelligence (AI).

We’ve talked to many Shopify business owners over the past few months, and there was one common thread when it came to AI: People knew what it was, but they didn’t feel urgency to add it to their marketing strategy right away.

The problem with de-prioritizing AI is that the time to get a competitive edge is now. Shopify stores that adopt AI early will be the winners, and those who wait to leverage AI will be at a competitive disadvantage.

With Grid and Pixel, you can instantly infuse generative AI into your marketing to create a more personalized experience for your customers.

Generative AI leverages existing data and machine learning to generate new content. Grid & Pixel’s generative AI engine creates personalized graphics for each customer based on their browsing and purchase history, but also helps you enhance email designs broadly without using time-consuming design software.

Here’s how you can take advantage of Grid & Pixel’s AI features to instantly supercharge your emails in less than 60 seconds:

  1. Customize a Grid & Pixel graphic with a product image: When you open Grid & Pixel’s app, you’ll see there are hundreds of customizable graphics with space to add a product image. Except you don’t have to worry about picking an image — you can let our AI engine work its magic, and we’ll show each customer the most relevant product(s) based on their individual browsing history, purchase history, demographics, and more.

  2. Update your product backgrounds with our AI scene generation tool: Grid & Pixel makes it easy to change the background of any product image. Maybe instead of a gray solid backdrop, you want your beautiful facial cleanser to be sitting atop a bevy of roses. Our app leverages AI to help you find the best background imagery based on your search query, then seamlessly swaps out the background in seconds.

  3. Generate a new background image for your email design: Many of our graphics have customizable backgrounds, so you can match the design more closely with your brand aesthetic. Simply click the “generate with AI” option when editing the background imagery, and our AI engine will find the best results based on your search query.

  4. Get an assist with writing subject line and email body copy: Our AI wizard can help you instantly generate compelling copy for your subject line and email body.

If you haven’t started your 7-day free trial yet, click here! You can send unlimited graphics to unlimited people during your free trial, and you’ll be able to try out all these incredible AI features.

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